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Adapting to an ever-changing environment where new challenges await each frame is where I thrive. I strive to show how dynamic life can be in my images but also enjoy finding the quiet moments that complement each story that I am telling. Throughout my career, I have yet to find a situation that doesn't offer an opportunity to grow in my craft and create a lasting impression of a moment in time that will never occur again. 


I have a BFA in Photography from UT-Arlington and a passion for merging art and journalism into meaningful stories. While working as a photographer and photo editor at The Shorthorn, UTA's student newspaper, I was able to gain invaluable experience in the art of photojournalism. Since graduating, I have strived to gain a wide breadth of experience in many creative outlets besides photojournalism including information technology and graphic design. I have never been able to settle into a single niche. You never know what tomorrow will hold and I can't wait to see what challenges await. 

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